Meet the Team


Shane Weaver hails from Australia and was introduced to the trapeze world at the age of 18 at French Woods Festival in the Catskills of New York. He trained under Mike and Bronwyn Baker and Scott Maney on the flying trapeze. Shane’s skills sets extend far beyond flying, he has a rounded education in many ground and aerial circus arts forms. He is also an avid waterskier and was the Australian Speed Waterskiing Champion before becoming a trapeze artist. Shane continued his trapeze training under famed coach Rodleigh Stevens in Gold Coast Australia from 2005 to 2007. He became the head flying coach and lead instructor over the next years at Cincinnati Circus Company, (2010-2012) and I.Fly Trapeze (2012-2016), becoming a sought-after instructor and guest at all the best flying schools in the U.S. Shane now lives in LA, and is a Director and Co-Founder at Santa Barbara Trapeze Company.


Randy Kohn has been flying since the age of 12, starting at French Woods Festival Circus Camp, later becoming lead instructor before hitting the emerging trapeze scene in NYC in 2005. Randy’s NY highlights include being lead instructor at all 3 Aerial Arts schools: TSNY, España Streb, and Circus Warehouse (where he taught alongside the likes of Scott Cameron, Tito Montoya, Miguel Cáceres and even Arturo Padilla) . He has performed professionally with award-winning The High Flying Pages and The Flying Farfans, in the latter troupe, he achieved the ultimate feat in trapeze, catching the triple somersault! Randy is featured in Tom Moore’s landmark flying film The Flight Fantastic. Randy has a lot of energy for multitasking! While crafting a career in the circus he spent 10 years in SaaS building sales teams and scaling early stage VC-backed startups. Randy’s most current role is with Attentive Mobile, where Randy joined pre-series A and has seen the company grown to 3000+ brands and 700 employees. Randy studied business and economics at Hofstra University. With Santa Barbara Trapeze Company, Randy’s dreams and talents have a place to soar, combining his love of leadership and lineage, passing on what he has learned and creating a cultural mix of athletic practitioners and multi-layered individuals from all walks of life. Randy is far from “hanging up his tights” despite his successes as a “tech bro”. Look for him overhead when you come to fly at SBTC.


EFE ILKAY grew up in Izmir, Turkey. His athletic career began at 15 as a professional volleyball player. At 21 he traveled to the US on a “study abroad” program where he fell in love with Flying Trapeze while working at a camp in Kent, CT. His newfound love for trapeze propelled him to change his life and stay in the USA to train in flying trapeze and other circus arts. Efe turned to performing and coaching, gaining esteem in traveling circus shows such as Cirque de la Symphonie, George Carden Circus, Españas Circus, and as a stunt technician for Fear Factor Live Show. For the past 15 years, he has coached in the most prestigious trapeze schools all over the country . He developed his own trapeze school in Orlando, FL, and for the past decade he has been designing and providing circus programs in Pali Adventures Camp in CA. Efe is known for his unique and enthusiastic coaching style and his precise and encouraging catching technique. He is continuously invited back to all his past coaching gigs, as he is a favorite among his students. Efe has an extensive knowledge of the physics of trapeze and the aerial rigging. He has built many flying trapeze rigs for his and other schools and programs. Efe now resides in Santa Barbara, and is proud to be a co-founder of Santa Barbara Trapeze Company with long-time friends and flying trapeze cohorts, Randy Kohn and Shane Weaver.


Suzi Winson has been Director/Co-founder of Circus Warehouse, the premier professional training center for circus arts in New York City from 2010 through March of 2020. The Warehouse trained a diverse group of practitioners and performers for international circus, dance, theatre and film. During that decade, the Warehouse had the only full-scale intensive program involving multiple ground and aerial skills taught by an elite faculty. The Warehouse hosted regular auditions for major companies and circuses who cast shows from our impressive collection of students. The Warehouse was prominently featured on TV and film, most notably in feature films The Greatest Showman, and Son of Monarchs. Suzi has been a professional ballet dancer, a Broadway performer, street clown, trapeze flyer, editor, publisher of literary magazines, political writer, educator, business leader, and arts champion. She has been a Trustee of the French-American Cultural Exchange, a Board member of Poets in Need, The William Forsythe Foundation, and Dzul Dance, a founding member of the American Circus Alliance, Director/Co-Founder at Art and Circuses Gallery of NY, and creator of Aerial Text Experiments including annual performances interweaving language and aerial arts in conjunction with the viral, global phenomenon, “100 Thousand Poets for Change”. She hosts the daily Zoom favorite: Ballet for the End of the World/ Renaissance in efforts to continue training the next generation of circus performers within the discipline and daily practice of dance. Suzi currently serves as Operations Manager for the Santa Barbara Trapeze Co., run by the next great generation of elite flying professionals and world-class business persons: Randy Kohn, Shane Weaver and Efe Ilkay.