How Safe is flying trapeze?
Is there always a net?
How old do you have to be to fly?
What if I have a pre-existing injury?
May I fly while pregnant?
Is it OK to drink or use drugs before or during class?
What if I don’t feel well during class or develop vertigo or light-headedness?
What if it rains?
What is your refund/cancellation policy?
What is it like to hang out at the trapeze?
Is there a weight limit?
How long has your team been flying on the trapeze?
I want to make a small vacation out of my trapeze flying escapade. Are there hotels nearby? 
What happens if I’m late?
May we make our own class outside of the regular schedule? 
What about parking?
Do I need to stay while my kids are in class?
May I take photos?
May I tip your awesome staff?
Is there cool swag for sale?

Flying Trapeze is very safe. Every student is in a safety harness until a coach has determined that they have a smooth take-off and can land properly in the net.

Yes, there is always a net. Only in the movies do people fly without a net ;-)

We can fly anyone who is 4-104. If your child is under 4 please contact us. We can make an exception if your child fits into a safety harness.

Please contact us first and also let us know upon arrival about any accommodations and we can make a decision together about possible modifications based on your capability.

No. It is not recommended. 

That’s a firm NO from SBTC as well as the grounds on which we are housed. Also, no smoking or vaping on the property. Trapeze must be attempted with a clear head and we do not have wiggle room on this policy. If we deem that you are under the influence of drug or drink, you will be removed from the class without a refund.

It’s not common for people to feel ill, but our Instructors are all First Aid and CPR certified. Please advise us in advance if you have a medical history that needs our attention.

This is a rare occurrence, but SBTC will reschedule you. If you are from out of town we will issue you a refund if the class is cancelled due to inclement weather and you can’t easily reschedule.

No refunds will be provided within 48 hours of class, but prior to that, you may reschedule to any class that has available space. No last minute cancellations.

It’s amazing. There is a gorgeous view and there are shaded pergolas and comfy seating. We want you to enjoy your visit and hang out with us for a while. 

If you can climb a ladder and also support your own body weight with your arms, you can fly. Your body will feel much lighter in flying thanks to momentum and the help of the safety line system.

Please read our biographies! Between the 3 of us, we have  50+ years of experience flying and coaching and facilitating programs all over the world with rave reviews and an exemplary safety record.

Yes, there are many lovely options, in all price ranges. Please check out our Santa Barbara Travel Partner Page.

We’ll do our best to catch you up within a class and we ask that you bear with us out of fairness to the rest of the class. 

Yes, contact us at the email address and/or phone number below.

There is tons of parking and it’s free!!

You do not need to stay as long as we have a way to reach you. We think you’ll want to hang out though, it’s so much fun to watch!

Yes, please do and tag us on social media. We also will take action photos on site, please ask us about photos for purchase.

Oh yes, it’s always appreciated. A tip may be offered for when we manage to go above and beyond expectations. 

We’ve got a wide variety of merch available on site and online. We also make custom merch for private groups with 7 days prior notice! Stay tuned for the launch of new merch!

Your safety is important to us. We are compliant with the latest of Federal, State and CDC guidelines of best practices for our type of business. Please check back as we will update frequently to stay aligned with the most current safety protocols. Read more about our covid policy here